The members of the congregation at Grace Chapel of Honolulu are very active together and enjoy spending time with one another.

Overview of Our Programs and Events

The members of the congregation at Grace Chapel of Honolulu are very active together and enjoy spending time with one another. The following is a brief overview of the various programs and events that take place at our church.

Bible Study

Every Wednesday, Grace Chapel of Honolulu convenes to study the Scriptures, focusing not only on the people and events of the Bible, but also on its spiritual teachings. Each week, a different elder leads the group study and discussion.

Biblical Celebrations

Each year, Grace Chapel of Honolulu celebrates three special times as instructed in the Scriptures. The first of these three is the Feast of Passover, which occurs in early spring. It is the celebration of the deliverance of the children of Israel from their bondage of slavery. It is also the commemoration of the time when our Lord Jesus Christ was crucified, buried and resurrected. In late spring we celebrate the Feast of Pentecost, the day when the Holy Spirit fell on the disciples in Acts 2. It is known by many as the birthday of Christ’s Church. The Feast of Tabernacles takes place in early autumn and is a time when the Lord’s family gathers together and looks forward to living in the presence of God. It is celebrated by building booths to live in, just as the children of Israel did in the wilderness. The dates and times of our feast events will be posted on this website.


The library contains Bibles and reference materials for use in the study of the Scriptures. A lending library of Living Word literature, and recorded sermons is also available. It is open after Sunday morning and Wednesday night services for individual study.

Life Skills Workshops

From time-to-time, we offer seminars and classes for personal growth in such areas as finances, health, and emergency preparedness. Class times and subjects will be announced on this website.

Saturday Community Days

Saturdays are spent together as a church community. After early-morning exercise classes, we gather for a time of fellowship and conversation. People meet together to plan the weekly schedule and the Sunday service, while others maintain the grounds and buildings. Members volunteer their time in the administration and accounting departments or are involved in planning community events. After lunch together, the musicians and ministries meet to select songs and practice for the worship. Afternoons are a time to engage in recreation, swimming, enjoying the tennis courts, or simply relaxing. Every so often those who want to be of service to a family in need will volunteer their time to help with household projects, as well. In summary, Saturdays are our church family days!

Performing Arts

Many members of Grace Chapel of Honolulu play musical instruments, so we occasionally have “talent nights,” when our musicians can perform for the church. Upon occasion, we also produce Bible-story videos and photographic slideshows of our events for the congregation’s enjoyment.