"Then I will give you shepherds after My own heart, who will feed you on knowledge and understanding."

Jeremiah 3:15

Pastoral Team Serving Grace Chapel of Honolulu

Tony and Leilani Makuakane Potter

Tony and Leilani Makuakane Potter

Tony and Leilani Makuakane Potter are the senior pastors of Grace Chapel of Honolulu.  They were married at Grace Chapel in 1996 and commissioned as pastors of the church in 2011.

As a young girl, Leilani simply knew the Lord and loved Him with all her heart.  Her earliest memories are of hearing a living Word from God spoken through John Robert Stevens the founder of Grace Chapel of Honolulu and The Living Word Fellowship. Born in Honolulu, Hawaii, Leilani’s life was forever changed when her parents were called to Los Angeles to work for Stevens.  While resisting relocation from her beloved Hawai’i, the Lord appeared to Leilani assuring her of His will.  This ordained move allowed Leilani to spend her childhood at the feet of Stevens and discover her spiritual mother and mentor, Marilyn Hargrave.  The impartation received during these formative years drives Leilani’s passion to mature sons of God into the fullness of Christ (Eph 4:11-16) and bring forth the Father’s Kingdom.

Though Leilani spent many years on the mainland, her formative life experiences remain interwoven with Grace Chapel of Honolulu—the same church her father pastored for a season, and the place of her baptism and marriage. Leilani always longed to return home, and in 2011, the Lord led her back to Honolulu to minister to the Grace Chapel family and its surrounding community. Leilani, a native Hawaiian, is also driven to see the Hawaiian Islands and its people become part of the Kingdom of our Lord and of His Christ (Revelations 11:15).

While in college, Leilani helped create and oversee the Young Adult School of Prophets program at Shiloh, Iowa, and choreographed many shows for Shiloh’s Independence Day Celebration. She has been an integral member of The Living Word in Los Angeles, a successful entrepreneur, and documentary producer.  Leilani is currently pursuing a Masters of Divinity from Shiloh University.

Tony was brought up as an intellectual atheist. When he met Leilani, he felt a powerful love and life he discovered to be the Lord.  Tony was captivated by the power of the living Word spoken by Gary Hargrave, the apostolic fathering ministry over the Living Word Fellowship. He felt the Word was speaking to him personally and he devoured the messages as they came.  Almost irrationally, he began attending services, yearning for a personal relationship with the Lord.  Being half Brazilian and fluent in Portuguese, Tony began translating Hargrave’s sermons at The Living Word publishing house, which deepened his love and reverence for God’s Word.

In time, Tony received the unending love of Jesus Christ through salvation, and had a life-changing water baptism—literally being raised a new man. From that moment on, a transformational hunger for God ignited in his day-to-day life. The more Tony sought the Lord, the more He appeared to him, calling Tony higher. Tony and Leilani helped lead the 2008 outpouring services at Church of the Living Word in Los Angeles.  Following this time, Gary Hargrave became more than just a voice of the Lord to Tony; he became Tony’s spiritual father.

Tony owns and operates a successful manufacturing business.  He attributes its growth to Kingdom Business principals of tithing and giving, seeking the Lord through your business, and letting the Holy Spirit lead your company with confirmation.  Tony loves The Living Word and its vessels; he is compelled to be like his spiritual father, Gary Hargrave.  Tony is also pursuing a Masters of Divinity from Shiloh University.